February 7th 2011 Monkey Robot on XKCD

Monkey Robot got a shoutout on XKCD—sort of. In a blog post from last Friday, Randall published this chart:

Frequency of Google search terms

It’s a matrix of the frequency of Google search terms in the form of “X Y”, where X is along the top of the matrix, and Y is along the side. Notice the entry at M1,4. Yup, you got it: “monkey robot”, with 2,020 hits. One of those hits is this site. Kind of makes me feel special.

I’m also glad to see that “monkey robot” doesn’t yield a ton of results, which no doubt makes it easier to find this blag-o-blog. Had I called this humble site “Jesus Jesus”, I probably would’ve gotten even fewer hits. But “Narwhal Laser” or “Narwhal Kitty” clearly would’ve been a better name, and had I chosen “Narwhal Zombie”, I would’ve been the only hit on Google. Oh well. Live and learn.

(Of course, by liberally including the phrase “narwhal zombie” in this post, I’m probably making this article the first and only result for “narwhal zombie”. In order to facilitate my rise to “narwhal zombie” stardom, I’d appreciate if you linked to this page with the text “narwhal zombie”.)