February 19th 2009 Cereal

My roommate Chris got punk’d pretty good this morning. Someone left only two fingers of cereal, and he didn’t have enough to fill his big bowl. It wasn’t me, because I rarely eat cereal for breakfast. If I did, it’d probably be something “bad” for you, like Lucky Charms—not Apple Cinnamon Cheerios.

When I pointed this out, my other roommate, Andrew, countered that Apple Cinnamon Cheerios isn’t good for you. I disagreed, on the grounds that I was allowed to eat Apple Cinnamon Cheerios when I was a kid.

That’s how I gauge the nutritional value of cereal. If I was allowed to eat it as a kid, it’s “good for you”; if my mom didn’t let it into the house, it’s bad for you. Froot Loops? Bad. Trix? Bad. Cracklin’ Oat Bran? Good. Honey Nut Cheerios? Good. Count Chocula? Bad. Frosted Flakes? Good.

Wait—Frosted Flakes, good? Yep. Turns out Frosted Flakes are actually nutritious. Or maybe I was allowed to eat them because Frosted Flakes were my mom’s favorite cereal, and there was no way they were getting banned from the breakfast table.