November 2nd 2008 This is Why I Vote

I’m rather cynical about the form of “democracy” we have in America. I often make the claim that your vote doesn’t count—not because “one vote doesn’t matter”, but because the average American doesn’t have enough financial or political clout to make a difference in Washington. It doesn’t matter who you vote for, because, unless you’re lining their coffers, they don’t really care about you, anyway.

But then I saw this political ad put out by the Obama camp:

This is exactly why I’m excited about this election. I don’t agree with Obama on everything (notably, his stance towards Israel), but damn, he’s one of the few politicians who I truly feel can rise above the fray and actually inspire the people of this country to do something, to regain the control they once had. Maybe this sentiment is a bit idealistic, but I truly feel that Obama is one of the few politicians honestly wants to make this country a better place. His message is certainly much more hopeful that the ones we’ve gotten over the past eight years. As as resident of Virginia, I must say this advertisement is much more inspirational than John McCain’s “Obama isn’t fit to lead this country” ads that dominate the airwaves here.

I can’t wait until November 4th! I don’t want to jinx anything, but I think that change is a-comin’.