August 3rd 2008 Kraft® EasyItalian

As a college student, I’ve eaten my share of Kraft EasyMac over the years. EasyMac never ceases to surprise me—with its awfulness. Seriously, I can’t believe I eat that stuff. Sometimes I think I’d rather just go hungry—even starve to death.

So it may come as a shock that I bought a couple cups of some new product, Kraft EasyItalian. It’s like EasyMac, but “cheesy Alfredo” instead of plain-ole’ mac-n-cheese. I was pretty hungry tonight, so I threw one in the microwave, waited 3 ½ minutes, and gave it a taste test.

And believe it or not, it wasn’t too bad! It was way better than EasyMac—in other words, it was not only edible, but palatable to boot. It’s definitely not your mom’s homemade alfredo, but for the college student on a budget, I give Kraft EasyItalian at least one thumb up. Thanks, Kraft!