April 16th 2008 An Inside Look at the Sorority

I found the following sheet of lyrics outside of Roberts Hall on Saturday night. It’s some sort of sorority chant, but I don’t know the origins. Sadly, I don’t know the tune, either, so I can’t sing/chant it.

We Can’t Wait to See You This Fall

((Verse 1))
We got our sights set on you, girls don’t be afraid
So just sit back now, and let us serenade
Greek life is somethin’ special, and we got it made
And we can’t wait to see you this fall.

You might be freaking out
Think all we do is shout
But let us show you what
Sororities are all about
Us girls in letter Tees
Help this community
We love to give our time
Serving our philanthropies
On frat row we hang out
Soon you will have no doubt
Greek life is for you all
Oh woah woah, we can’t wait to see you this fall

((Verse 3))
You might be hesitating, on the inside
But our advice is to, give rush a try
This is your chance… So… Don’t… let it slip… away…

So come on check us out,
Let your nerves settle down.
Your personality
Is what we wanna hear about.
We know you’ll find your place.
Recruitment’s not a race
But we should tell you now
That at Bucknell we set the pace
At night we all go out
Friends you can’t be without
The fun starts in Hunt Hall
Oh woah woah we, we can’t wait to see you this fall.

We’ve got our sights set on you
We can hardly contain

So ladies don’t sit out
We’re here to lay it down
Bucknell’s sororities
Are something you should think about
We got a social scene
That you could only dream
Our best friends are right here
So come and join the Greek team.
Admired through and through
Greek life is right for you
We hope you’ll join us all
Oh whoa whoa we, we can’t wait to see you this fall!

The most ridiculous thing about this post is that I don’t have any witty remarks to make. I’ll leave that up to the readers in the comments section.

(And no, I don’t know what happened to Verse 2.)