January 31st 2008 Cool Cats

I was walking by the park downtown this afternoon, and I saw two really cool cats spying on me from the railroad tracks. They both had dark grey fur with spots, making them look very ferocious indeed, like a lynx or bobcat, only darker. They both had very long whiskers. One was young and wily. The other was old and wizened, like a sage. He had especially long whiskers. The younger one eyed me nervously, but the older one was stared me down. His eyes were narrow and almost completely goldish-green. He reminded me of the wise old masters you stereotypically see in kung-fu movies.

I approached them and they retreated, but still stared me down. I wanted to go further, but decided I’d show them the respect they obviously disturbed by keeping my distance.

I wish I was a better poet, so I could write a poem about them, rather than describing them in prose.

It was a pretty cool encounter, and made me wish I had a cat of my own stalking around.