June 28th 2007 Washing Windows

Today was a pretty exciting day at Hunt Hall. It was window washing day! Some guy with a long washer-tool thingy washed my window. I thought about letting him know that it rained yesterday and would probably rain again today, but, nah, I let him do his business. He probably has to use soap, anyway.

Sitting in my room and watching the window being washed (while eating Boo Berry cereal) reminded me of going to car washes when I was a kid. I used to pretend the car was a submarine while my dad soaked it with water. Sometimes I still wish I could really believe the car was a submarine.

Speaking of submarines, I had a weird water-related dream this morning. I dreamed that my family—and only my family—was in command of an aircraft carrier. A van full of old people tried to make a landing on the deck. I’m not sure if they were in a flying van, or just driving around for some reason. Anyway, this van full of old people skidded off the deck and into the water, and my family and I had to launch a rescue operation. It seemed like it would be easy, because the van seemed to be floating fairly well, but the situation was exacerbated by the fact that the driver of the van full of old people refused to close the sunroof of the van, which let high waves splash water into the van. In the end, I believe it sunk before we could rescue anyone.