February 16th 2006 All Quiet on the Western Front

I’ve received numerous messages asking what the hell has happened to Monkey Robot. Nothing has happened—and that’s the problem. I haven’t had a lot of time lately to keep this page updated. What’ve I been up to? Nothing. Nothing productive, anyway. I’ve mostly been wasting my time. I’ve also been playing around with both the Wikipedia (see my contributions) and Adium a lot lately. Adium is really cool and I plan on writing a review of it soon. It’s great for managing IM contacts. I’ve been messing around with Google Talk/Jabber a lot lately, and I really like Adium because I can be signed on to both AIM and Google Talk at the same time. Managing contacts is simple and easy, too. Adium is a great chat client, but I guess I can go on and on about that in a separate article.

Nothing else is new. Life is the same. I have been writing a lot for The Bucknellian, so if you have a real urge to read my writing, pick up a few issues. I have a great article in store for readers this week.

I do hope to return to writing for Monkey Robot more frequently. I just need to find the time. Wie immer, ich habe keine Zeit. But hopefully that will change.

Oh, and Happy Valentine’s Day. Late.