October 11th 2005 Telemarketers Really Grind My Gears

Evidently, the former resident of my room gave “her” number out to one or more businesses, because a number of telemarketers calling from the ubiquitous prefix 1-800- have been calling my room as of late asking for “Maxine”. I have told them several times that this is a dorm room, Maxine doesn’t live here anymore, and I’d appreciate it if they’d take my name off the list, but still they continue to call. One even left a message tonight. That’s right, a message. On my voicemail. You know, the voicemail that begins with “You have reached the mailbox of Michael Dippery.” Yep, someone thought that they could get a hold of Maxine by leaving a message in Michael Dippery’s mailbox. To reiterate, a telemarketer left a message for Maxine in the mailbox for Michael Dippery, clearly thinking that Maxine, not Michael Dippery, would get the message.

I weep for her children. The telemarketer’s, I mean, not Maxine’s. I don’t care that much about her children though, either.

The telemarketer was kind enough to leave the company’s phone number, and insisted that Maxine get in contact with her. Well, I can’t get the message to Maxine, so I have decided to take it upon myself to square away Maxine’s business with this company, first thing in the morning. More on how that goes later.