July 17th 2005 Introducing Monkey Robot 2.0

As noted earlier, I have been hard at work on a new layout for Monkey Robot. Well, now you finally get to see the product of those labors! I am very pleased to introduce the all-new Monkey Robot. The most notable thing is the new layout, which has been updated for the twenty-first century. It should view fine in all browsers with one caveat: if you are using some versions of Internet Explorer, the blog is aligned to the left edge. If you are using a good, standards-compliant webpage like Firefox or Safari, then the blog is aligned to the center. I could use an ugly CSS hack to make it work, but I’m not going to. If you are using such a version of IE, just pretend that the page is aligned to the center.

Other small changes include full XHTML 1.1 compliance. This included adding title attributes to all link tags, and removing the target="_blank" attribute I had on some tags. This is good for you, because now you can tell what will happen when you click a link, and you won’t click on a link and have a new window unexpectedly pop open.

As you can see, the layout has changed considerably, but don’t fret: all pages have remained at the same spot, and all the links (should) work. I have worked hard to get this site operational, but if you do notice a few errors or problems, do not hestitate to let me know. I want to make your browsing experience the very best that it can be! So if you encounter any errors, please email me and let me know ASAP so I can get everything working properly again. Thanks and enjoy the all-new Monkey Robot 2.0!