June 8th 2005 The Price of Gasoline

Anyone who’s a driver probably knows that it’s getting expensive to drive. Just a month or so ago, gas hit $2.20 a gallon around here; now it’s down to about $2.00, but that’s still pretty expensive. It creates a problem for me, as I have to drive to get to work. I’ve realized I am probably burning $10-$15 a week in gas. Since I am a college student, that is simply not acceptable. I need that $15 for books, damn it.

Rest assured, though, that I think I have found the perfect solution.

I have an old bicycle, and by old, I mean probably around ten years. It’s a cheap ten-speed bike, nothing fancy, but it goes, at least. The gearshift lines are stretched; the brakes are worn; the chain is so rusted that it pops off if you shift into first. But I think with a little work, I could get the thing in tip-top shape again—at least until I can afford a new bike. I think I am going to hit the garage next week, buy some new parts, and get to fixing that old bike up. Then I’m going to start riding it to work everyday. Not only will it be great exercise, but I'll save a lot of money on gas.

Besides, cars are so twenty-first century. It’s time the world moved on to something else. Something much more efficient, and less dependent on fossil fuels. I’ve long been an advocate of improving mass transit systems in America. I think it would be great if we could have a better train or even magnetic levitation transportation system in this country. We are simply too dependent on oil, especially foreign oil, and as we move into the twenty-first century, it’s really starting to show. The truth is, car-free cities are not that hard to achieve; if you don't believe me, take a good, hard, long look at Carfree.com. It provides a lot of useful information on the subject of improving mass transit systems in our cities—and even beyond our cities.

Also, some of you Lewisburg kids might get the allusion to the title of this post. Yep, that’s right: it is also the title of a song by Lewisburg High’s own George Potor and his band, Good Without One. Good Without One has a lot of great music, and I really suggest you all take a look at their website. They even have twelve free MP3’s available for download, so there’s no excuse not to check them out!