April 3rd 2005 Rain

Last night was the final night of Houseparty Weekend ’05. It rained—and not just a little, not just a lot, but an immense amount. I spent a lot of time walking around, and I got very wet. But that was a really good thing, because it meant I had to dry my clothes in the dryer when I got back to my dorm at 4:00 AM. Now normally having to dry my clothes is a bad thing, because it costs me $1, and as a poor college student, I strive to cut costs whenever possible; but this time, having to dry my clothes resulted in two very good things: one, the fact that I had to dry my clothes meant they were very wet, and the fact that they were wet meant I had been out in the rain, and the fact that I had been out in the rain meant that the beer and rum that had soaked into my sweatshirt and pants were now naturally rinsed from the fabric; and two, I had to dry my hat, which had become stretched since I first got it, but since I put it in the dryer, it shrunk back to its original size. Therefore, now I don’t have to wash my sweatshirt, since it was naturally washed, and my hat now fits properly again. Yay for rain and yay for parties in the rain!

And another great thing about last night (and by last night, I mean early this morning) was that Vedder Hall had a fire alarm, and when I went outside, a nice guy gave me a Diet Sierra Mist, which was really good. Yay for spending fire evacuations with nice people!