February 14th 2005 The Most Maligned Holiday of the Year

I really feel badly for Valentine’s Day. It’s a pretty maligned holiday. The day is supposed to be a celebration of love in all forms, but it mostly just seems to generate bitterness from people. You wish them a Happy Valentine’s Day, and they tell you’re a jerk. That sort of thing doesn’t happen on Christmas. Everyone is merry on Christmas. But only people who are “in love” are happy on Valentine’s Day.

I personally don’t have a problem with the holiday. I mean, I don’t do much on it. In fact, the whole day is pretty much a mystery to me. I’m not really sure what people do, as I’ve never really celebrated the day. But it seems like a good day nonetheless. I think people should be less bitter about it.

But maybe I’m just not bitter about it because, until today, I always thought it commemorated the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre.