February 10th 2005 The Fallacy of Composition: An Illustrated Primer

This semester, I am taking PHIL 103 Logic with Professor Fleming. It’s a great class, and I’ve learned quite a bit in just a few short weeks. But sometimes my attention wanes, and I find myself drawing pictures. I drew one such picture to illustrate the fallacy of composition, which can be shown in this example:

Each part of the machine weighs less than one ounce, so the entire machine must weigh less than an ounce, too.

To illustrate this point effectively, I drew a picture of a cog, and captioned it with the fallacy. I was pretty impressed with myself. My cog had great perspective and nice shadowing. I was so impressed with my art skills that I considered simply transferring to an art school, where my skills will undoubtedly be more useful.

I’ll try to scan and post a picture of my awesome cog, if I have the time. Which I probably won’t, because I am a college student and thus very busy.