January 22nd 2005 LOL

Quite possibly, one of the most annoying and overused Internet acronyms/abbreviations/whatevers is “lol”. This beast rears its ugly head at the most inopportune and inappropriate times. For example, consider the following sample conversation:

SamplePerson: i went on a boot
SamplePerson: whoops lol
SamplePerson: *boat

Every time I read something like that, I always want to ask the person: “Did you really laugh out loud when you said that? Because it wasn’t funny in the slightest.” “lol” has become so overused that it practically has no meaning anymore. People drop it at the end of sentences like periods. “omg i lost my fucking wallet lol!” Nope. Not funny either. And adding “lol” doesn’t make it funnier. In fact, the overuse of “lol” has made it such that, when someone on the Internet does say something funny, I have to type out “I really lol’ed at that comment” because they probably won’t believe that I actually did laugh if I just type “lol”. (Oh, and a word to the wise: a small chuckle does not constitute laughing out loud. It’s not the same, and even if you chuckle, it doesn’t warrant an “lol” at the end of the phrase.)

The only other Internet phrase that comes even close to being as annoying as “lol” is “w00t”. It was cool when “w00t” was limited to Internet gamers, but now that it’s mainstream, it’s way overused.