January 18th 2005 Cleaning Out the Microwave

Snow’s on the ground, the temperature is under 15° in the sun, and I just made a purchase of $341.00. That can mean only one thing: the beginning of a semester! That’s right, folks–Spring Semester 2005 has sprung at Bucknell University.

Aside from the fact that everyone’s going wild like it’s the beginning of the year again, things are too much different around here. However, I did come back to my room to discover minute particles of mold growing in my fridge. Apparently I didn’t get all the crumbs out of my fridge when I left on December 16, and some floating fungi decided to take up residence there. I soon took care of the problem, as well as the tomato sauce splashed in my microwave, but that’s not the point; the point is that I had to do it myself–and I realized that, as a kid living at home, I didn’t fully appreciate the fact that there was someone other than me to clean the oven, fridge, microwave, toilet, and so forth. Scrubbing out my own fridge and microwave made me think that, should I have kids someday, I’m going to make them clean out the microwave–just once, so that they fully appreciate the work I have to do around the house.