December 30th 2004 WoW

Well, last Sunday I finally got it—more copies of World of Warcraft (hereby known as WoW) finally arrived at Wal-Mart, and I managed to snag the next to last copy. Needless to say, I have been playing it ever since. And all I can say is wow—WoW is awesome!

First of all, the graphics are amazing. I have an old, underpowered computer, so I have to turn the graphics all the way down, but they’re still awesome. The gameplay is great, too—there’s plenty to do, even at low levels, and it just gets to be more and more fun as you move up.

Even when you don’t feel like questing, there’s a lot you can do. I’m a level 14 human rogue who somehow has gotten really, really good with a rifle that I found on a dead animal by hunting small game. I’ve also made some really cool leather products out of the animals I have skinned. And tonight when I got bored, I practiced my unarmed combat skills, then went into the town of Goldshire and challenged other players to fistfights. I lost only once—to a level 28 warrior. My best fights were one against a level 17 mage, and one against a level 11 dwarf hunter—and his pet bear! Let me tell you, the animation and sound effects for that boxing match were amazing. It was like Tyson vs. Holyfield all over again.

Anyway, that’s pretty much why I haven’t been posting lately—I’ve been too busy playing WoW. Maybe I’ll get around to posting more often sometime soon. Of course, I have to get all of my WoW playing out of my system before I start classes again on January 19, else I see a declining GPA in my future…

By the way, if you want to play with me, I’m in the Bronzebeard realm. I’m a human rogue named Alonna.