December 11th 2004 What Am I Going to Do With All This Room?

I know you all have anxiously been awaiting an update for the past week, but unfortunately I did not have time to deliver. I have been busy with finals. I did take some day to rearrange my room a bit. It was pretty cramped and disorganized after the last rearrangement. All the negative energy was being channeled right into the center of the room. The other day I decided I need to fix the feng shui of the room by moving some of the objects around. I drew out a proposed floorplan on graph paper. After getting consent from my roommate, I went to work. The room is a lot more comfortable now, and we have a lot more space that we can fill up with inflatable furniture, bean bag chairs, and dirty clothes.

I’d also like to take a moment to thank Lisa Koedding and Emily McDonald for contributing to the Get Michael a New Pair of Shoes Fund. They donated $4 and $5 respectively, bringing the total in the fund to $9. Thanks a lot guys! You can collect your prizes whenever you have a chance!