December 2nd 2004 I Feel Sick

I’m not feeling especially well tonight. In fact, I feel like I want to throw up, but can’t. I also feel kind of lightheaded, as though I am spinning, or the world is spinning, or something is spinning and it’s affecting me. The remarkable thing is that this feeling of illness is not alcohol-induced; the only thing I have been drinking as of late is flavored seltzer water. I’ve been very tired today, too. I slept about two hours this evening and I still feel really, really tired. I think I am getting sick. That’s no good, because I have a paper to write, and I have finals coming up.

Unfortunately, this sickness is causing me to have nothing witty, nor intelligent, nor creative to write. All it’s caused me is to re-evaluate whether I should remain in a vertical, upright position, or just succumb to my body’s desire to get horizontal and try to sleep it off. I think I should cease to fight gravity and just give in to my body’s natural tendency to fall into a flat position. I shall do this on a springy surface covered in soft fabric and attempt to doze until sometime tomorrow morning, and hope that my feeling of light-headedness and nausea has ceased to be a factor in my daily functioning at that point.

Chicken soup or “Get Well Soon” cards may be sent to the following address:

Michael Dippery
Bucknell University
701 Moore Avenue Unit C0206
Lewisburg PA 17837-2080

Also, prayers for my survival would be much appreciated. Thank you.