November 6th 2004 Updates, Roommates, and Surprise Visitors

It seems my political posts don’t seem to be garnering much interest as of late, so maybe it’s time to move on to other things. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been much I’ve felt like discussing as of late. I’ve done some work on the website: the navigation bar is now at the top of the page, rather than the bottom, and the front page displays all the posts from the last fourteen days, instead of just the posts from the current month. That’s about the most interesting thing going on at Monkey Robot.

Vedder Hall got a surprise visit from the one and only William Hurt last evening. Nice to see him again. Will and I have had many (mis)adventures together, including blowing up plastic army men, breaking a Texas Instruments calculator, eradicating not one but two wasps’ nests on the same day, launching bottle rockets into trees, meeting attempted murderers at the A+ Mart at 2:00 in the morning, and myriad other incidents. He’s having a good time at Virginia Tech, it seems. I never expected to ever see him in Lewisburg again, but it’s nice of him to drop by.

My roommate and I are still not on speaking terms. I’m a bit dissatisfied at his blatant lack of respect for me. His girlfriend has been calling at 6:40 in the morning; he admits that she often calls just to annoy me. However, when confronted about this situation, he basically told me that the phone calls don’t annoy him, so he doesn’t care if they annoy me. While I don’t particularly enjoy phone calls at 6:40 in the morning, I’d be happy to let them slide if he and his girlfriend would apologize to me, and he’d recognize that he needs to show more respect to those with whom he has to live. I don’t expect that to happen though.

Aside from that, there’s little else going on at Bucknell as of late. I just wanted to post to remind everyone that I am indeed alive.