November 3rd 2004 Decision ’04

Well, we lost the election. By “we”, I mean the Democrats and liberals and anyone else who cast a vote for Senator Kerry yesterday. I could’ve been a smart-ass and said “we” referred to the “intelligent and sane voters of America,” but admittedly, that’s not quite true, and we don’t need that sort of name-calling at this point in time. What’s done is done. It’s time to bring the American people together. It’s time for the 51% on the right and the 48% on the left to reconcile their differences and work together for a better tomorrow. Squabbling will solve nothing.

Unfortunately, name-calling and squabbling seems to be what we’re getting from the right. It’s sad to see that responsible adults such as Stephen Green and Jim Treacher have to resort to petty taunting and insults, instead of winning gracefully. You won, guys. Leave it at that. Have some class. Have some professional respect. Enough with the taunts towards liberals. Enough with the insults about Democrats. Enough with the name-calling of Michael Moore. You’re adults, guys—it’s time to act like it. As Jon Stewart once said, “It’s not so much that it’s bad, as it’s hurting America. Stop, stop, stop, stop hurting America.'’

Ah, Jon Stewart… The good news is that we have guys like Jon Stewart to keep things light. Gotta remember to laugh, even when your president is sending a thousand troops to their deaths in a worthless cause. Guys like Jon Stewart keep shows like Crossfire interesting.

Kudos to Kerry, though, for backing gracefully out of the battle, instead of dragging it through the courts. You’re a classy guy, Kerry.

But I’m not gonna lie…I’m a bit disappointed in America. Not so much in the northeast and the west coast, but all the other parts. When things go downhill in the next four years (and, judging by the last four years, they will) don’t blame Pennsylvania—we voted for Kerry. Of course, there I go again, being pessimistic. What’s needed now is hope—hope for a better future, hope that Bush will remember that 48% of those who voted don’t want him as president so he actually has to work with the liberals for once, and hope that this election will galvanize those who disagree to speak their minds and keep our Republican-controlled government on track. It’s scary having a single party in control of all branches of government, but hopefully we will survive.

Well, at any rate, it’s time to take a break from politics. No more discussing politics. I’m not going to talk about it for four years. We’ll just have to hope that the Republican leadership takes time from gloating to unite the nation again (which, unfortunately, Bush certainly does not have a good track record of doing…).