October 16th 2004 What Do You Think?

Those of you (two people) who are frequent Monkey Robot visitors will quickly notice that the site is much different than it was a scant two months ago. Some would argue that the site used to have much more content, and while this is probably true, I am of the opinion that the new, slimmer site is much nicer. I’ve already described my reasons for altering the site to one that is more of a blog than an complete site, but I’ll reiterate a few points here:

  1. The new site is, in my opinion, easier to read. You only have to go to the front page to see what’s new!
  2. The layout is better and easier to maintain.
  3. I can deliver pretty much the same content as before, except things like Humor or Ugly Cars will now be found within a single post, instead of altogether on a single page.
  4. I simply did not have time to keep the other parts of the site updated. This format is much easier for me and allows me to deliver new content and thoughts without much upkeep.

However, I understand that not all like the change. Some say the site is hard to navigate. While the navbar has moved, if you scroll to the bottom of the page, you’ll still find some handy-dandy navigational links. Furthermore, I’ve done my best to accommodate old fans and new alike, and keep some of my old content. (Long-time fans will note that I still have the Person of the Week page.) I hope that you all enjoy the new site, and that it doesn’t detract so much from your Monkey Robot experience that you (gasp!) stop coming back regularly.

I would like to know your opinions though. Like the site? Hate the site? Have a suggestion? Feel fee to leave a comment and voice your opinion! I’d love to hear your thoughts, ideas, and opinions. Don’t be shy!