October 3rd 2004 Showering Schedules

I have noticed something interesting during my stay in Vedder 2 NW—most people get their showers at night. This was completely opposite from back home (which is, in fact, the same town in which I am currently stuck); at home, most people I knew got their showers in the morning. I still get my showers in the morning (assuming I can time my schedule around that of the cleaning guy—and yes, for all those wondering, the person who cleans my bathroom now is male, not female; “guy” is not a typo). I’m not trying to advocate or insist on a “proper time” for showering; I just find it interesting that in general, the population of the western wings of Vedder 2 shower in the evening, whereas the general inclination in my high school was towards the morning.

Of course, I find the morning to be a more logical time to shower. Why take a shower when you’re going to sleep on dirty sheets all night and probably sweat as well? It seems more logical to shower in the morning so you are fresh and clean for the rest of the day. Then again, that means you will have to get up in time to shower in the morning; and most college students seem to like avoid any sort of hygienic practices in the morning, so that they can get up as late as possible. Furthermore, as I noted, the cleaning staff is often doing its work in the morning, so it can sometimes be hard to find a time to get a shower. Still, I must admit that I am a fan of the morning shower. The fact that you are clean for the start of the day is but one benefit (and perhaps even the least important benefit); I often find myself looking forward to a nice warm shower in the morning, and it inspires me to actually get out of bed to start my day. It’s also a most excellent way to wake up. Because no one else seems to take a shower in the morning, I have plenty of time to ease into the day. On days in which I am forced to skip my shower, I do not feel nearly as refreshed and at peace on days I am not.