October 2nd 2004 Dave!

I went to a Dave Matthews Band concert in State College last night, and I can find only one word to describe it—amazing. Wow. I am really, really impressed. I am not even a terribly big fan of DMB, but I can certainly appreciate the talent and creativity exhibited by the band. And their live show is awesome. Words cannot describe it. It was electrifying. Not only are those guys really, really good, but they’re so energetic on stage! It was amazing. That is how every rock band should be.

The Bryce Jordan Center was packed. More people could possibly have fit in, but it was close to max capacity, and when everyone who had one got their lighters out, it was an awesome sight to behold. I was somewhat distracted by the couple that was a few gropes away from having sex with each other in their seats, but that did not diminish from my enjoyment of the show; and the ever-present smell of marijuana also led to a better DMB experience.

I quite recommend going to see Dave Matthews live, even if you are not a huge fan of his music. His shows are amazing and well worth the money for the tickets. Everyone should have the opportunity to see this iconic musical figure at least once.