September 25th 2004 The History of Monkey Robot

Frequent viewers to Monkey Robot will notice that the site has gotten a facelift recently. I finally decided to make the entire site a blog. There were numerous reasons for doing this, but primarily, this change was prompted by the fact that I had little time to update the more mundane parts of the site, such as the D&D page, or the Ugly Cars page, and so forth. I spent most of my time on Person of the Week (which still exists!) and the front page, which was my blog. I decided that the extraneous stuff could easily be thrown in as a blog-style entry should I wish to do so, so I took down the rest of the site, leaving only my blog and Person of the Week. What does this mean to you? Well, Monkey Robot is now simpler to navigate! You need only come to the front page to find new stuff. I also built-in a comments system, so you can now leave comments on individual posts. I hope you all take advantage of this feature!

I thought I might also take this time to reveal the origins of this glorious website. The history of Monkey Robot is long and varied, but interesting and fun-filled. It begins in the fall of 2002—February 2002, to be exact. The site began as merely practice—worried I was forgetting my HTML/CSS skills, I decided to make a website to practice them on. The website grew and eventually was hosted off of, which was owned by my friend, William Hurt. Once I hit the relatively unlimited disk space of, Monkey Robot exploded.

But every good thing must come to an end. Unfortunately, shut down in April 2003, and with it, Monkey Robot became nothing more than a .dmg file on my laptop’s hard drive. This was of little concern, as it had not yet developed anything close to a cult following. However, around September of that year, I realized I had some extra webspace that was assigned to me as part of my job, and Monkey Robot rose again—this time as an entirely CSS-based page.

Of course, I still had a relatively small viewership. Fame would not come to Monkey Robot until I teamed up in a sort of webring with Jacob Alexander and Andrew Melillo. While this increased my fans, it was not until the introduction of the Monkey Robot Person of the Week in January of 2004 that I truly developed a “cult following”. And that, in a nutshell, is the history of Monkey Robot.