September 30th 2004 Rock ’Em Sock ’Em Rock Band

My band, The Invisible Pink Unicorn, had its first show tonight at the LAHS Fall Fair. For only rehearsing as a full band twice (once yesterday and once today), I’d say we performed admirably. One mother whose sons are insinuated the “garage band” culture was surprised that we have been together such a short time. I’m quite surprised myself, frankly—we sounded great! We have a good stage presence, too—the lead singer is quite crazy at times. The rhythm guitar player and I got off a bit at times, and I personally made a few mistakes, but overall, it was a great performance, and the audience was largely impressed with our sound. I think once we are together longer and have time to refine our music and performance, we’ll be quite good indeed.

The band consists of Matthew Derman on vocals (and songwriter), Jon Sherwood (of The Jon Sherwood Experience fame) on lead guitar, Jayson “Jay” Blandford on rhythm guitar, David Felicio on drums, and me on bass. Matt is a wonderful songwriter that also happens to be equipped with a fine set of tubes. Jay’s great at writing music, and Jon is quite the up-and-coming Jimi Hendrix (although he is, sadly, right-handed). David is, of course, right on when it comes to drums. We have a good set of people and I expect we’ll continue to make quite a splash.

Music seemed to be a pervasive theme this week. My dorm wing (Vedder 2 NW, for those of you who forget) sponsored an 80’s Dance Party last night. Apparently much fun was had by all, and even some local paramedics were invited. Thank God they were here, too—they helped save the lives of two fine Bucknellians who engaged in a bit too much of the 80s dancing. You gotta watch that moonwalking—it can kill ya.